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Eugene Emeakaroha


Prince Eugene, Ogam Ngozidirim Emeakaroha Nwachukwu - Ike was born on the 12th March 1944. He is graciously the first son out of five of us from Chief Leo Uwasoanya Emeakaroha in the Royal family of Late Eze Emekaroaha Nwachukwu - Ikefemba of Amakohia Ihitte, in Ihitte/Uboma Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

My Senior, prince Eugene had the privilege of obtaining his early childhood education in one of the most famous primary schools in Ihitte then - The St. Joseph's School Ihitte. In the Standard Six Result, in 1959, he made a "Distinction". This feat introduced him into another public competitive Examination in August 1960 for selection of the best students for an experimental class in Holy Ghost Teachers Training College Umuahia. Here again, my senior, a pupil of St. Joseph's Ihitte took the First position among the Candidates from the three Parishes of Nsu, Ihitte and Uboma.

In January 1961, my senior found himself into HGC. Umuahia. His four years stay in the College were marked with awards for academic excellence after every end-of-year promotion Examination. In January, 1965, my beloved senior did not leave HGC Umuahia with only Excellent Academic Records; he was rated as one of the best behaved students of the College.

As a result of this he won the love, admiration and friendship of many of his Colleagues and masters. His European English Tutor and his wife Mr. & Mrs Eugene .O. Boye developed such an interest in him that they had to convey him in their Volks Wagen Car to our father's compound in Ihitte on the day he finally packed home from the college.

This unassuming personality, my Senior, as a Primary school Teacher, January 1965 to August 1976, exhibited a rare determination to give formal education to every educable member of our large compound. That was the task many of his contemporaries feared to undertake. But he was so dogged and cheerful in his determination that his colleagues branded him "A Teacher with a difference". He had the habit of sharing his monthly salary on the table for the payment of the school fees of his brothers and sisters.

But in May 4th 1969, "My senior" decided to risk another venture; this time marriage at a time when neither life nor property was in safe-keeping due to the devastation of Biafra War. He found for himself a prospective unassuming young lady who invariably became the gentle-spirit that propelled our wheel of progress to the successes all eyes see today "Madam:" Juliana promptly joined hands with my senior surrendered all her earnings to him - for the education of the members of our large compound. God crowned their efforts with success and today all of us are educated personalities.

1. Richard Emeakaroha
2. Angelina (Mrs. Abazie)
3. Edwin Emeakaroha
4. Maria (Mrs Onyirimba)

After his University studies and one year National Youths Service Corps in Anambra State (with his primary Assignment done at the Holy Ghost Juniorate Seminary Ihiala), he was reinstated into the teacher service. He taught for only two months at Ikperejere Secondary School Uboma before proceeding to the University of Nigeria Nsukka for a further two-year Bachelors Degree Programme in History and Education. In his usual way, at the end of the two years my senior Eugene banged his B.A. (Hons) in History/Education with effect from July, 1982. he was again reinstated as a teacher at Boys Secondary School Ihube, Okigwe. After one month teaching service there, he was seconded to the Government House Owerri during Chief Sam Mbakwe's governance of Imo State as a special administrative secretary.

His principal assignment at that time was monitoring and reporting to the Government developments on the educational sector. In October 1983, this assignment took him to the them Anambra State House of Assembly in Enugu for 3 days to witness their debate on possible handover of schools to their original owners in that state. A comprehensive report on the issue was produced thereafter and forwarded to the Governor through Chief J. O Dike the then Education Commissioner of Imo State. This report among others relating to Education and Politics earned to my senior and indelible mark of honour among the authorities in Chief Sam Mbakwe's regime. At the end of the Assignment in December 1983, he was given a permanent appointment at the state Education Board Owerri as a supervisor of Schools. At the end of this month of December, 1983, the Nigerian Army struck again and took over Government throughout the Federation.

The Job of supervision of schools took my senior to various parts of the then Imo State. For the twelve years (12 years) he served as a supervisor of schools, he left behind him, innovative records of improvements in Education in Imo State, His supervision and investigation reports earned him commendation remarks from his Chief Executives. No wonder in 1994 at the Creation of the National Primary Education Commission (NPEC) and the State Primary Education Board (SPEB) my senior was one of the very few senior officers chosen by the then Commissioner for Education Dr. Christopher Okoro to establish the desired Administration for the new Board. He was posted to the Personnel Management Department where he rose through the ranks from the Chief personnel Officer to the post of Director.

As Director of Personnel from 1997 to January 2000, my senior was the best that happened to all those who came into honest touch with him in Office. In all matters of appointments, promotions, postings and transfers, my senior never asked for or received any gratification. This is a record yet to be beaten by any other public officer of his own rank in Imo State. He retired honourably and meritoriously after thirty five years (35 years) in the public service of Imo State, in January, 2000.