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"Madam" as all of called her is a wonderful Lady and a cherished mother who came into our family during our formative period in life. Her name is synarimous with the progress in our family today.

Madam Juliana Chinyere Emeakaroha (Nee Okoroji is the fourth child out of the seven surviving children of Late Pa Gabriel and Virginia Okoroji Ohanaga of Umuehie Ogbor Ugiri in Isiala Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State. She was born to this family in May 4th, 1947. She received her early childhood Education at the Holy Rosary School Ogbor Ugiri and later at the Holy Rosary Emekuku and St. Mary's Joint Hospital Amaigbo School of Nursing. The Nigeria/Biafra War prolonged her stay in the school of Nursing Amaigbo and she could not graduate 1967 as was earlier programmed. But the savage war could not stop her long term planned Wedding with my senior, Prince Eugene on 4th May 1969 still as a student Nurse. After the successful completion of her Nigeria Registered Nursing (NRN) Course at Amaigbo in 1970, she proceeded to Awgu Joint Hospital, Enugu where she did her Grade One Midwifery training in 1972 and thereafter became a Double qualified Nurse.

She started her career as a Staff Nurse/Midwife at Mbano Joint Hospital in 1973. She served the Mission Hospital diligently and with sincerity of purpose for 3 years with and without monthly salaries. In 1975, heavily with pregnancy of her first daughter Nnedimma, she applied for a maternity leave from the Matron of the Hospital Rev. Sir. Immaculatar. But the reply to this application stated that she should regard her appointment with the hospital terminated at the end of her maternity leave. This letter was uncomplimentary and later it was revealed to us that her appointment was terminated because she requested in her application, for the payment of some part of the arrears of two years salary owned her by the hospital to enable her care for herself during the delivery. The undesirable "bitter peal" given to a lady about to be delivered of a new baby was quickly removed from her by the Rev. Sr. Mary Joseph, Metron of her almamatar St. Mary's Joint Hospital Amaigbo who visited and reassured her of a brighter future after her delivery. The Rev. Sr. quickly followed up her counselling with an appointment letter which directed her to resume duty at Amaigbo Joint Hospital after two weeks of her delivery. She also paid her one month advance salary as mobilization to enable her carry her load to the hospital. Soon after, the termination from Mbano Joint Hospital and the commendation letter from Joint Hospital Amaigbo became useful instrument and enhanced Madam's carer as a Nurse. My senior, collected the letters and made a good case for madam and all the trained nurses facing servitude in Mission hospitals at that time to the then Hon. Commission for Health East Central State Dr. Magnus Adiele at Enugu. The Commissioner with the then Chief Nursing Officer Mrs Obiamiwe and her assistant Chief Mrs. Irene Ugwu decided to salvage all the affected Nurses in the then East Central State. Interviews were conducted for them and most of them were appointed either into the Ministry of Health or Seconded into the Mission Hospital.

I sincerely state that the letter of termination of appointment brought a chain of good fortune to Madam and invariably to our entire family. Madam was appointed a Ministry of Health Staff and posted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Umuahia. My senior was transferred from Mbano to the School Board Umuahia where he met a challenge that spurred him into the determination for higher education. My senior's position at Umuahia enabled me secure an appointment as a Sales Manager of the Superfine Chalk Industry Umuahia. In 1989 after five years service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Umuahia, Madam was selected for an in-service training with full salary into the school of public Health where she obtained the Diploma Certificate for Health Sisters of The royal Society of Health West Africa. She is today a Director in the ministry of Health in the Civil Service of Imo State.